The foundation of
Stockholm Furniture Lab

Swedish pant

In Swedish, pant is neither trousers or gasping for air. It is a deposit system for recycling. Stockholm Furniture Lab introduce Swedish pant for furniture parts. Return the parts you don’t need, and get a discount for other parts, that you do need. The parts you return will be provided to a second hand market. This is circular economy in action.

The parts have been made by the lab.
You have been made the designer.

Stockholm Furniture Lab provides furniture parts. Due to our modular system all parts are compatible, and you can choose how to put them together. You can adapt your furniture to a new living situation instead of getting rid of them. You design your furniture, but also your way of life.

Local production

Stockholm Furniture Lab is located in central Stockholm at Odenplan. Therefore the lab can provide not only locally produced products but also services such as assembly and repairs.

Products of Play / Complete furniture

Play / Stool

Play / Clothing valet

Play / Dubble clothing valet

Play / Chair

Products of Play / Parts for furniture

Play / Clothing valet / Separate parts

Play / Chair / Separate parts

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